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Spring Seedlings & Final Dahlias

Every year, we nurture thousands of seedlings in our cozy (read tiny) greenhouse, lavishing them with care and attention before they find their home in our gardens. We're now ready to launch our annual seedling sale to our local customers throughout May and June.

These are not your typical nursery-grown flowers and plant starts. We cultivate only what we truly love, selecting from a curated list of design-focused flowers and heirloom variety vegetable starts. Our plants are available in two convenient ways: swing by our farm stand on Burnside Rd West for grab-and-go purchases, or pre-order directly in a mixed flat of 18 pots.

Below, you'll find a list of everything we have on offer this year. Due to limited quantities, we recommend ordering soon to secure your favorite varieties. Please note that, as it takes time to prepare orders, we are unable to accept pre-orders for individual pots. Visit us daily at 1555 Burnside Rd West and fill your summer garden with food, flavor and colour.



Achillia    (Yarrow) Love Parade

Achillia    (Yarrow) Yellow

Achillia    (Yarrow) The Pearl

Amaranthus    Hot Biscuits

Amaranthus    Oeschberg

Amaranthus    Emerald Tassels

Amaranthus    Coral Fountain

Amaranthus    Velvet Curtains

Amaranthus    Autumns Touch

Calendula  Bronze Beauty

Calendula  Neon

Calendula  Pink Surprise

Calendula  Snow Princess

Celosia    Terracotta

Celosia    Sylphid

Celosia    Glowing Embers (Floret Farms)

Celosia    Sangria (Floret Farms)

Celosia    Celway Purple

Celosia    Raspberry Lemonade (Floret Farms)

Celosia    Spun Sugar (Floret Farms)

Cloud grass    


Didiscus     White

Didiscus     Blue

Hibiscus Mahogany Splendor (wonderful red leafy filler)

Scabiosa Fama Deep Blue

Scabiosa Fama White

Talinum    Jewels of Opar

Zinnia    Benary’s Giant Salmon

Zinnia    Pale Creamy Yellow

"The earth laughs in flowers" Ralph Waldo Emerson

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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