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Are you orchestrating a wedding, party, or event and aiming for local, sustainable flowers, but fretting over the floral designer's budget? Look no further! Dive into our bulk flower buckets, brimming with the freshest, most exquisite blooms of the season. Whether you're a floral virtuoso or just passionate about local blossoms, our buckets guarantee the best value for your money while infusing your affair with the beauty of the season.


Palette options:

Bright - hot tones, high contrast, mid summer energy

Harvest - orange, rust, warm tones, fall energy

Zen - creams, greens, whites, antique tones, spring / winter energy

Event Flower Bucket

Colour choice
  • These buckets can fill between 8-10 medium arrangements depending on your design style. Please note that while we will try our best to meet your wishes, colour and flower type is not guaranteed and is limited to what is best from the farm, decided by the farmers the week of pick up. You have three palette options to choose from and can make note of colour and vibe wishes above. Orders must be placed at least 1 week in advance of your event.

  • Pick up is from the Rockrose Farm, located at 1555 Burnside Rd Victoria.  We suggest picking up DIY flower buckets 1-2 days before your event so you have enough time to sort and design your arrangements. Please note your preferred pickup date in the space provided. Our DIY buckets are non-refundable, so please plan accordingly.

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